Welcome to VrajEV Mobility!

Welcome to VrajEV Mobility!

About Us

We at VrajEV Mobility provide complete end to end solutions for all your charging needs for electric vehicles. This is best place to get solutions for Home Charging, Office Charging as well as Commercial Charging of electric vehicles.

Our partnership with Delta Electronics for EV Chargers ensures that we meet our customers demands with outmost safety and reliability. Our software solutions for EV Chargers ensures that customers gets regular status about charging sessions as well as accurate billing.

Customers can also locate charger on the map with the help of mobile app and pre book charging sessions.

We are on Mission to promote more sustainable mobility solutions which reduces Co2 Emmissions as well as to make our mother earth more cleaner and greener for generations to come.

Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

New Housing Project and Residential Society

- Attract residents and increase your property value by providing a premium EV Charging experience.

- Increase Property value and average rentals.

- Meet government and municipal regulations to comply your property with new regulations.

- Meet Environmental sustainability goals and get tax rebates.

Commercial Work Place Solutions

- More EV drivers are expecting to charge at Work.

- Improve Productivity by saving your employees worry and time by providing them the convenience of charging while they are at work.

- Increase employee loyalty: Keep your employees engaged by providing them a benefit they highly value.

- Enhance your brand image: Show your customers and employees you're a modern workspace by providing innovative charging solutions at your offices.

- Achieve your sustainability goals: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from employee commutes by thousands of metric tons.

Fleet Operations, Logistics operators, E Commerce deliveries

Increase profitability by electrifying your fleet. Whether you are just getting started or growing your Electric fleet network - VrajEVMobility is right partner for all your charging needs. We will deliver whole package and will be there with you from First charge till the millionth charge!

Hotel Owner, Restaurants and Café owners

Attract more customers at your hotel or a Café by providing option of charging their Electric Vehicle and increase your business! VrajEVMobility will provide you one stop solution for all your charging needs.

Hospital Owners, Shopping Mall Operators, Municipal parking lot contractors

- Attract more customers to your shopping mall or increase occupancy of your parking lot and generate additional business by deploying our EV Charging solutions!

- Installing charging stations allows you to capture a fast growing segment that is willing to pay more for dedicated parking slots with charging.

- With out complete charing solutions facility managers will have a faster and more accurate way to assess and manage parking demand.


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